Patient referrals account for the majority of our new patients.  This tells us that we’re doing a great job and our patients our happy.  We have a number of patients who have expressed interest in sharing their experience with others.  Please check back soon for more patient testimonials.

Dr. T rocks! I have major dental issues, and I trust him implicitly. He is an absolute angel. He gives the best pain shots, I don’t feel a thing! He is thorough, thoughtful and a dental artist. I really appreciate his attention to details, and the time he spends with me. Dr. T makes me feel like I am the only patient he has. His staff is amazing; specifically Kelly & Kristy- both efficient, skilled, caring, kind , and easy to talk to. One of Dr. Toth’s shining stars, in my opinion, is Tammy, who is a master with insurance! I am a single mom, working a full time job and a part time job – just to survive. She has worked so hard to get my insurance paperwork processed, and given helpful information about financing applicable for me. The financial aspect is stressful enough, and Tammy totally understands my financial struggles. She pushes to get me appointments with specialists in a surprisingly short time frame. These women have been my champion. I could not ask for a better group! They are all, a blessing. I would not think of going to any other dentist. He’s the one!

– Lauren L.

23 years ago I moved to Asheville with two young teens. Schools, a job, friends, housing, hairdressers, gym, doctors, dentists – all had to be found fast. People were wonderful, we settled in quickly. I fully expected affiliations to change as I got to know the area better – and they did. All but one, my dentist! A toast to Christopher J Toth, DMD – may his office be here as long as I have teeth to care for!

Over the years I have walked into the office and found the staff to be friendly, discreet and professional. They are in for the long haul, as I still see many of the same faces. Tammy is the ‘friendly face’ of the office. How I appreciate every effort she has made through the years to remind me of appointments, to seek out the best insurance and/or creative payment plans that work for me. And to encourage me…! I remember in particular the day Dr. Toth described the solution to my worsening teeth. Enamel erosion was taking its toll on my teeth and they were thin, gray and grimy looking. Dr. Toth offered cutting-edge dentistry in a material and procedure that worked wonders. If you have the misfortune of bad teeth, you too should know what I mean when I say that smiling is now all about the moment – the people – the chatter – in fact spontaneity rules! What a happy change!

It took just two 2-hour sessions requiring of both Doctor and Assistant intense, exacting work at peak concentration. I remember Dr. Toth’s last minute ‘I think a shade lighter’ and then a quiet that lasted until my teeth had been magically transformed. They were strong, shiny and smooth again. No hurry, no interruptions and……I had perfect teeth, an exact match between old and new. The best part? My favorite music was playing. What a difference that made for me. I relaxed. WOW—a minor for them was such a major for me. Thanks to the dental assistant for insisting and persisting until we had just the right mix.

Here’s my advice to y’all—in order to have the best teeth possible, you HAVE to find yourselves a Dentist who is painstakingly particular and precise, with a perfectionistic streak, an eye for beauty, form and symmetry and who can deliver the same for you. Such a person is Dr. Toth, my Dentist!

– Lorna M.